Korry Deez "Stuff Like That" (ft. Moka Only)

Korry Deez 'Stuff Like That' (ft. Moka Only)
Having once lived in Toronto, Vancouver Martian Moka Only is reconnecting with Hogtown hip-hop by showing up on Korry Deez's latest single, "Stuff Like That."

Black Cat supplies Moka and IRS buddy Deez with a smoothed-out throwback beat full of snare clacks, muted faux-vibraphone melodies, soaring West Coast synths and a chorus of sunny "la la's." Moka takes the mic first, minding his p's and q's, keeping his stubbornness in check, and serving up humbled bars like cake. Deez later takes over, waxing on living life legit, extending olive branches, and sending out good vibes to good people.

You can check out the relaxed collaborative rap track in the player down below.