Korean Gut "Theme for Zanzibarland" / "Lava Flow"

Korean Gut 'Theme for Zanzibarland' / 'Lava Flow'
Before Vancouver singer-guitarist Jarrett K. fronted Mint Records garage pop act Tough Age, he headed up a surf-inspired band called Korean Gut. Although that group have since broken up, they've now been treated to a 7-inch by local label Kingfisher Bluez.

"Lava Flow" is part of the label's Vancouver DIY Single Sided Singles Club. The 7-inch includes two instrumental songs on a single vinyl side: "Theme for Zanzibarland" is a minute-long surf-punk stomper, while "Lava Flow" is slightly slower and groovier.

The Singles Club includes music from bands like Dirty Beaches, Apollo Ghosts, B-Lines, Rose Melberg and more. Sign up over at the label's website.