Kool Keith featuring Kut Masta Kurt Diesel Truckers

Breaker-breaker. Do your read me? Come in. Kool Keith’s no rookie rig; he’s a boast toaster with more than a few classics behind him. And Kut Masta Kurt running shotgun has resulted in two classics: Sex Styles as Keith, and First Come, First Served under the handle of Dr. Dooom. The Funky Redneck (Kurt) and Platinum Rich (Keith) complete another successful run as Diesel Truckers. Kurt delivers a fat load of deep synth bass, crisp drums and brilliant sample choices, with a little cargo from the Dirty South. Keith is crunk on a very bootylicious "I Drop Money” and the satirical anthem "MANE.” He switches gears with warnings of a future dystopia on the funky "Serve ‘Em A Sentence,” with Motion Man, a channelling of Dr. Octagon for "Kenworths With Wings,” and some reminiscing on "Takin’ It Back.” And then there are the truckin’ stories ("Diesel Truckers Theme” and "Diesel Truckin’”) and battle raps ("The Orchestrators” and "Mental Side Effects”). In fact, it’s mostly smooth running for Diesel Truckers, with rarely a rough patch. And that’s a big ten-four. Copy? Over. (Threshold)