Kompakt to Ring in Ten Years of Pop Ambient

Kompakt to Ring in Ten Years of <i>Pop Ambient</i>
A new year around the corner means a lot of things, including a new compilation from Kompakt. The German minimal techno outfit have been putting out their annual Pop Ambient compilations since 2001, which means their upcoming Pop Ambient 2010 is the tenth in the series.

As always, the new Pop Ambient disc features a mix of old and new tracks from a variety of artists, including the Orb, Andrew Thomas, DJ Koze and label-head Wolfgang Voigt, who also hand-picked each track.

According to the press release, "We say this every year but Pop Ambient 2010 is a defining moment for the series - a change in pace but a familiar face for those that have been yearning for our annual remedy."

So if you're looking to start the year on a minimalist note, the compilation hits stores on February 2 in North America and on January 18 in Europe.

Pop Ambient 2010:

1. Marsen Jules "The Sound of One Lip Kissing"

2. Brock Van Wey/BVDUB "Lest You Forget"

3. Triola "Shildergasse"

4. Wolfgang Voigt "Zither Und Horn"

5. Andrew Thomas "Clouds Across Face"

6. The Orb "Glen Coe"

7. Mikkel Metal "Blue Items"

8. DJ Koze "Bodenweich"

9. Jürgen Paape "864M"

10. Dettinger "Therefore"

11. Thomas Fehlmann "In the Wind"

12. Popnoname "Deutz Air"

13. Brock Van Wey/BV "Will You Know Where to Find Me"