Kitty "Barbie Jeep"

Kitty 'Barbie Jeep'
Kitty's contribution to this year's Adult Swim Singles Series was scheduled to drop this Monday (June 17), but like Run the Jewels' "36" Chain", her "Barbie Jeep" is streaming a weekend ahead of the official download.

The Hot Sugar-produced cut bustles by on hand-drum-derived beats and spicy faux-flute loops, with Kitty questioning up front whether it's too hot to dance to. From there, she rifles out bars about a slobbery club courtship ("I see you drooling boo/ You're Scooby Doo-ing"), admitting that she doesn't want some random butt grabber's hands in her general vicinity. You can check out the dance floor diss track down below.

As previously reported, other artists set to appear in the series this year include METZ, Mac DeMarco, Pig Destroyer, Captain Murphy with Viktor Vaughan, and more.