Kittens for Christian Privilege of Your Company

Though L.A.-based Kittens For Christian have been together for over a decade, it’s only thanks to System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian that they’ve been signed to Sony through his own Serjical Strike label. Influenced by the likes of Gang of Four, the Birthday Party and Wire, Kittens for Christian embrace such classic noisy, art rock on Privilege of Your Company, the band’s second full-length. Filled with manic and dark themes, KFC’s music surprisingly skips the expected major-label makeover, for a suitably rigid sound. Despite perfect timing to hop on the post-punk wagon that’s been all the rage of late, KFC fail to ignite the spark that bands such as the Rapture and Hot Hot Heat have set the world afire with. The end result is an angry recording of difficult agit-pop that maintains its integrity, but loses out by not giving enough substance to keep a level of interest. (Serjical Strike)