Kiss KISSology: The Ultimate Kiss Collection Vol. 1 1974-1977

While KISS’s output has been questionable over the years, one cannot deny that KISSology is most certainly one of their better collections. A comprehensive document, this double-DVD set features the band’s best live work, compiling most of their live work during the "classic” makeup years via full concerts, television performances, interviews, documentaries and promotional clips that are as amusing as they are spectacular. Even the band’s own limited abilities are overlooked as rockin’ versions of "Parasite,” "Cold Gin,” "Hard Luck Woman” and virtually every song one really needs to understand this marketing masterpiece are showcased within. At a whopping six-hour run time, it may test the patience of even the most devoted KISSaholic but when it comes to definitive, this truly is an ultimate collection. Here’s hoping Volume Two doesn’t destroy any semblance of legacy they still might have. (Vh1 Classics)