Kinnie Star "Save Our Waters" (ft. Jason Alsop)

Kinnie Star 'Save Our Waters' (ft. Jason Alsop)
With the federal government set to make a decision later today (June 17) over whether or not to okay the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline project, Vancouver-based artist Kinnie Starr has launched a last-minute protest song titled "Save Our Waters."

A press release explains that the song was made to "raise awareness about the oil and gas industry's abuse of fresh water resources," with minimalist percussion tones, peppy pan flute tones and synth wobbles supporting Starr and rapper Jason Alsop's lines about the dangers of fracking for profit instead of protecting our natural resources for future generations.

A statement from Starr had her further explaining her position on the pipeline: "Misusing water in bitumen and gas extraction has repercussions outside the immediate terrain, yet the government continues to lift protections from water and water life as a way to pave the way to pipeline growth."

You can check out the protest song down below courtesy of Aporia Records.