Kingdom ft. Shyvonne "Mindreader" (CFCF Remix)

Kingdom ft. Shyvonne 'Mindreader' (CFCF Remix)
TRACK OF THE DAY: Brooklyn DJ Kingdom has been steadily making a name for himself through a series digital mixtapes and high profile remix work for the likes of Kid Sister. Now, with the release of his track "Mindreader," Kingdom is getting the remix treatment thanks to Montreal electronic artist CFCF.

The original version of "Mindreader" blended two-step with heavy '90s house elements. CFCF focuses on the former and brings it to the forefront while retaining Shyvonne's vocals. The result is a more spacious and (relatively) laid-back track with a wicked crescendo that's perfrect for bouncing around town with.

The original is available digitally via Fool's Gold or as a limited edition ten-inch on Acephale Records.

Download CFCF's remix of "Mindreader" by Kingdom here.