King Tuff Readies 'Was Dead' Reissue on Burger Records

King Tuff Readies 'Was Dead' Reissue on Burger Records
King Tuff spent much of last year supporting his 2012 self-titled Sub Pop debut, but the bubble-gummy garage rocker's next move has him breathing new life into his first LP, Was Dead. The album will be reissued on vinyl via Burger Records on April 30.

Was Dead had originally been pressed by the Colonel Records in 2008 and followed an early CD-R. His proper debut had also been pressed onto cassette by Burger in 2010, though this will be the first time the label offers it up on wax. You can sample the album's "Sun Medallion" in the player down below.

A press release explains that the set had been tracked in "a giant dirty ballroom called Vegetable Street" in Tuff's hometown of Brattleboro, VT, and the musician considers the song cycle to have been a major step forward for the project and credits it to getting him where he is now.

"This album changed my life in so many ways, as it slowly trickled out into the world," he said in a statement. "I never expected anyone to hear it, let alone connect with it. I never would have left Vermont, never met the boys at Burger Records or any of the other insane, beautiful, cartoonish characters that now populate my life in the best way. It's an expression of my infinitely teenage heart and soul, and I'm really proud of it."

Was Dead is being delivered in a pressing of 2,000, with most being offered on black wax and 500 coming on color vinyl. You can pre-order the set here, where you'll also find some U.S. tour dates.