King of Leon's Jared Followill Launches New Band with Nick Brown of Mona

King of Leon's Jared Followill Launches New Band with Nick Brown of Mona
Kings of Leon have had a rocky couple of years that have included everything from cancelled tours to unflattering public feuds to tour bus fires to deluges of pigeon poo. Bassist Jared Followill will be hoping for better luck with his new band, Smoke & Jackal, which also features Nick Brown of Mona.

The band's EP1 will be out on October 16 through RCA Records. The project reportedly launched earlier this year when, according to a press release, Followill and Brown began recording while "fuelled by multiple bottles of red wine and a shared fascination with timbre, rhythm and aural adventure."

The EP was recorded at Brown's home studio in Nashville and completed in less than a week, with the duo handling production and mixing duties themselves. "It was all about tone and vibe and what felt right in that moment," said Brown in a statement. "Not second guessing, just having fun in that moment."  

Get a taste of the collection's "melding of oceanic rock with bottomless grooves and hypnotic dub textures" by checking out the single "No Tell" below. This is one of two songs the musicians completed on their first day recording together. The song will be released on iTunes on August 28.

There's no word as to Followill and Brown's future plans together, but the title EP1 suggests that more releases may follow.


1. Fall Around
2. No Tell
3. You're Lost
4. Road Side
5. OK OK
6. Save Face