Kim Stockwood Back to the Water

You can take the girl off the Rock, but you can't take the Rock out of the girl. That's certainly the case with Newfoundland-born-and-raised singer-songwriter Kim Stockwood. Since relocating to Toronto, ON nearly 20 years ago, she has found significant success as a solo artist, a member of Shaye and a TV and radio personality. She returns to her roots, musically and physically, on this charming collection of songs that feature Newfoundland themes. Many are traditional, and there's even a version of the province's official anthem, "Ode To Newfoundland." "St. John's Waltz" and "Atlantic Blue," two classics from Ron Hynes (the region's greatest contemporary songwriter), are reprised in loving and convincing fashion. The title track is the only original here (a co-write with close friend Damhnait Doyle), and it encapsulates Stockwood's abiding love for her homeland. Maritime disasters are related in a couple of songs, there's an ode to squid jiggin' and you can just about smell the salt air exuded by the disc. Skilled accompaniment is provided by the likes of Doyle, Duane Andrews, the Once, the Dardanelles and producer Glen Tilley, but it's the clear, strong voice of Stockwood that holds centre stage throughout. (Turtlemusik)