The Killers Get Werner Herzog to Direct Live Webcast

The Killers Get Werner Herzog to Direct Live Webcast
The Killers' new album Battle Born is on the horizon, and the Las Vegas rockers will be celebrating their fourth full-length effort with a live webcast performance the day it's released, September 18. The show will be part of the American Express Unstaged series, which aims to pair bands with notable directors. This time around, the Killers will have their live show captured by German experimental filmmaker Werner Herzog.

The Fitzcarraldo director will sit behind the camera's eye to film the band in action at the Paradise Theater in the Bronx, NY. The show will stream live via YouTube, starting at 7 p.m. EST. Down below, you can catch a trailer promoting the stars-crossing event.

Past pairings for the American Express Unstaged series have included Arcade Fire with Terry Gilliam, Jack White with Gary Oldman, John Legend and the Roots with Spike Lee, My Morning Jacket with Todd Haynes, and Duran Duran with David Lynch.

Naturally, this isn't Herzog's only upcoming project. The filmmaker will follow up last year's cave painting-geared documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams with multi-part documentary mini-series. According to The Playlist, there will be a sequel to Herzog's Death Row mini-series called On Death Row, and he's also in the midst of preparing a four-part series centered on hate crimes called Hate in America.

As previously reported, Battle Born drops via Island.