The Killers "Here with Me" (dir. Tim Burton) (video)

The Killers 'Here with Me' (dir. Tim Burton) (video)
The Killers unfortunately just had to postpone a few of tour dates due to Brandon Flowers' bout with laryngitis, but there's still some Battle Born activity going on, as the Las Vegas band have dropped their second video of the week. This time, it's a Tim Burton-directed clip for ballad "Here with Me."

The song itself is one of the schmaltzier offering in the band's catalogue, with an especially clunky, technology-driven admission it its chorus ("Don't want your picture on my cellphone / I want you here with me").

The video, meanwhile, has a couple of cool quirks to it, and stars a young man (Submarine's Craig Roberts) obsessed with a wax mannequin he sees at a theatre. Throughout the vid, the gloomy gent takes the blonde-haired statue to the beach to relax, treats it to a dance at a private Killers concert, and sits it down to dinner. Sometimes the mannequin (played by Winona Ryder) comes to life, but it could just be in the kid's head.

Check the whole thing out below to catch an illuminating reveal.