The Killers "Dirt Sledding" (video)

The Killers 'Dirt Sledding' (video)
The Killers' annual Christmas song is a tradition that's been running for nine years straight. This year, as always, they're back with another special holiday video. It's called "Dirt Sledding."

The song itself switches between quiet, haunting melodies and straightforward rock 'n' roll, all tied together by Brandon Flowers' crooning. The recording also features a spoken word section from Richard Dreyfuss, of all people.

The track also comes with a video directed by Matthew Gray Gubler. In it, a dirty, likely crazy Santa Claus plays with a Brandon Flowers sock puppet in the desert. Eventually, the Killers perform around a fire pit. There's also a cameo from the Easter Bunny and a Halloween pumpkin character.

Watch the Killers' video for "Dirt Sledding" below.