Killer Mike "Untitled" (ft. Scar) (video)

Killer Mike 'Untitled' (ft. Scar) (video)
Killer Mike's last video for R.A.P. Music cut "Big Beast" was a grimy, blood-spattered work of art harkening back to the glory days of the grindhouse circuit, but the rapper gets entrenched in high art in his new clip for "Untitled."

The soft-focus clip references a series of "art historical tableaus," with Mike alternately getting his neck sliced open with a giant sword, posing for a portrait as military-minded official with a mutt by his side, having his head served up on a platter by producer El-P, and busting up some dude's mug with a Louisville Slugger.

Hook singer Scar, meanwhile, lines up his praying hands and asks for mercy from the lord above as the synth-wriggling chorus rolls by. You can check out the rest of the hazy but heavy visuals down below.