Kilkus The Pattern of Self Design

Ew, does this ever make me want to run to the hills - totally by the numbers nu-metal. Tune in to Loud, make a composite band of all the bad videos you see and you get Britain's Kilkus. I don't even know what to say. It's like when one walks into pawnshops now and you're overwhelmed with all the Winger, Warrant and Poison tapes. It's depressing and you have to stop for a minute to think about the guys in the bands, what the music meant, if anything, and what they're doing now. I'll see you all in the pawn shops 20 years from now, filtering through rows upon rows of Static-X, Glassjaw and Linea 77 CDs, feeling that same air of depression and failure in the air, fingers stained with the regret dripping from the jewel cases of so many bands trying to make a buck off of stuff that some of us really do care about. Not to pick on Kilkus, in particular, but all this nu-metal stuff is really getting to be a drag, to put it mildly. (Visible Noise)