Kids vs. Old People: Who Best Reenacts Kanye West's Tweets?

Kids vs. Old People: Who Best Reenacts Kanye West's Tweets?
Listen, as great as Kanye West is, sometimes the dude is a little too hard to take. Sure, he may have just released the stunningly awesome My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but reading about his daily life on his Twitter account can be frustrating as hell. Even so, we clearly keep coming back for more, no matter how mind-bogglingly arrogant his posts become. Interestingly, the brashness of his posts settles down once you hear them voiced by an innocent child.

A series of adorable clips up on Babelgum [via The Daily Swarm] flips the script on some of West's more obnoxious posts, conveying his words through the whimsy and wonderment of a small child. Tweets about ritzy shopping snafu's just come off as "aw, shucks" moments when read by the series's star, a tiny tot decked-out in West-approved shades. What's even better is that the kid doesn't seem to have a clue how hilarious his stilted, deadpan delivery really is. Let's face it, when kids say the darnedest things, we smile, clap and laugh like a bunch of trained seals.

Old people, however, not so much. Gawker points to this smart-ass grandma taking a dig at Ye too, but it just comes off as mean-spirited. Clutching a tome adorned with the Twitter logo, the granny delivers gems like "I can never get used to this!!!! This shit we doing is so modern so hood so club so hip-hop... all of the above" with such a patronizing smirk and the occasional thumbs-up that she makes our boy Yeezy seem level headed.

You can see all the Babelgum videos here

Make up your own mind on who's ridiculing West the best below.