​Kid Rock Says Taylor Swift "Will Suck the Door Knob Off Hollyweird" to Have a Film Career

​Kid Rock Says Taylor Swift 'Will Suck the Door Knob Off Hollyweird' to Have a Film Career
Taylor Swift recently defended her decision to keep her political views to herself, but she's since made her Democratic leanings pretty clear — so clear that Kid Rock has taken to Twitter to attack her acting career.
Kid Rock, who has made a habit out of supporting and hanging out with Donald Trump, took aim at Swift, claiming that she was only supporting Democrats because she wants to get in the good graces of Hollywood.
He took it even further, insinuating that she would be willing to "suck the door knob off Hollyweird" to advance her career (which, by the way, includes selling a lot more records and concert tickets than Kid Rock ever has and already wrapping production on the upcoming film adaptation of Cats).
See his bizarre attack on Swift below.