Kid Koala Returns with 'Music to Draw To: Satellite' LP

Kid Koala Returns with 'Music to Draw To: Satellite' LP
After exploring the ins and outs of 12 Bit Blues back in 2012, Kid Koala (a.k.a Eric San) has announced a new LP alongside Icelandic singer Emilíana Torrini will take an entirely different musical direction. Titled Music to Draw To: Satellite, the record will arrive through Arts & Crafts in January.

A press release describes the record as one of many firsts for San, marking the first release of his career that doesn't revolve around sampling. As the first volume in the Music to Draw To series, Satellite finds San writing lyrics and producing and performing all instruments, using synthesizers, keys, guitars, basses, strings, turntables, noisemakers and recording techniques to create an ambient, electronic atmosphere that can be heard in opener "The Observable Universe" below.

Written during winter in Montreal, Satellite tells the story of two lovers separated by a one-way space mission to Mars. Eighteen tracks in length, the record features eight songs with lyrics written collaboratively between San and Torrini. 

"Emilíana Torrini is one of my favourite singers in the world," San said in a statement. "I've been following her work since her first album. She's just got one of those singular voices that has captivated me for years. Even when she is singing at whisper quiet levels, it's enough to crack your heart open. I'm so honoured to have had the chance to work with her on this record."

Along with the record's announcement, San has mapped out a number of "Satellite" concerts to mark the record's release. Described as a "turntable orchestra" performance series, the shows will use audience collaboration to create musical pieces in real time. Each attendee will sit at their own turntable station and play custom-cut Satellite Orchestra Tone Vinyl records and effects pedals at San's direction. Tickets for all shows are on sale today (November 30) and can be purchased here.

Music to Draw To: Satellite officially touches down on January 20. Read through the tracklist and performance dates to hear opener "The Observable Universe" in the player below. You can also check out an album trailer at the bottom of the page.

Music to Draw To: Satellite:

1. The Observable Universe
2. Adrift (ft. Emilíana Torrini)
3. Transmission 1
4. Fallaway (ft. Emilíana Torrini)
5. Perihelion
6. Photons
7. Beneath The Heat (ft. Emilíana Torrini)
8. Novachord
9. Transmission 2
10. Collapser (ft. Emilíana Torrini)
11. Transmission 3
12. The Hubble Constant
13. Satellite (ft. Emilíana Torrini)
14. Apoapsis
15. Nightfall
16. The Darkest Day (ft. Emilíana Torrini)
17. Epilogue
18. Nightfall Pale Blue (ft. Emilíana Torrini)

Tour dates:

01/26 Toronto, ON – The Rivoli
01/27 Toronto, ON – The Rivoli
01/28 Toronto, ON – The Rivoli
02/02 Montreal, QC – Phi Centre
02/03 Montreal, QC – Phi Centre
02/04 Montreal, QC – Phi Centre
02/12 New York, NY – Le Poisson Rouge (2 shows)
02/16 Ottawa, ON – National Arts Centre Fourth Stage
02/17 Ottawa, ON – National Arts Centre Fourth Stage
02/18 Ottawa, ON – National Arts Centre Fourth Stage (matinée)
02/18 Ottawa, ON – National Arts Centre Fourth Stage