Kid Cudi Cuffed at Gunpoint by L.A. Police

Kid Cudi Cuffed at Gunpoint by L.A. Police
Kid Cudi was pulled over and cuffed cuffed at gunpoint by police in Los Angeles yesterday (December 21) in a case of mistaken identity.

The rapper had just left a photo shoot with NME when cops suddenly surrounded two SUVs containing Cudi and his crew with no less than five police cars. After ordering them out of the cars with their hands on their heads, the cops made the rapper and his entourage kneel to be cuffed, before realizing they had the wrong guys.

Turns out a resident mistakenly identified the party as being involved in a burglary. When the police realized it was mistaken identity, Cudi and his crew were released.

In an interview with NME, Cudi seemed relatively cool about the situation. "I'm just happy to be back. I'm a free man!" he said. "For that moment I was not free. I was in handcuffs. It did not feel very comfortable."

In response to the actions of the cops, Cudi added, "We're in L.A., it's a rowdy place in the United States, you know? And a lot of shit goes down. And these cops have to use force. So it's, like, I understand that they were doing their job. I just wish we weren't in that place at that time."

Here's betting the Vancouver fan Cudi punched in the face two weeks ago wished the same thing.