Kid Cudi Changes New Album Title to Man on the Moon II: Mr. Rager, Eyes Late Summer Release

Kid Cudi Changes New Album Title to <i>Man on the Moon II: Mr. Rager</i>, Eyes Late Summer Release
When he's not starring in HBO shows or beating the shit out of well-meaning Vancouver fans, Cleveland rapper Kid Cudi has been hard at work on the follow-up to his debut album, Man on the Moon. The last we heard, the album would be a collaborative effort called Cudder, but Cudi has recently dropped a blog post with a new album title and tentative release schedule.

Announcing that the new album will be called Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, Cudi explained that the title change comes from his decision to go down a darker, more brooding path.

"This is my darkest work so far with a hint of fun and grooviness for those who like the classic chill Cudi sound but elevated to another level," he writes. "The things I can't speak will be the things I write. Before anything else, you'd come to the conclusion I need a shrink, a stronger drug or a mentor."

Cudi did not mention whether his reported collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Clipse, Robin Thicke and Travis Barker, along with his dreams to work with Green Day and Kings of Leon (why?!?), will make it onto the new album. He did mention that he has plans to record with Ratatat again, and is co-producing tracks for the album with Dot Da Genius.

As for a release date, Cudi says he's aiming to drop Man on the Moon II in August. Hip-hop release dates are an elusive breed, so we're going to assume he means August of 2012.