Kid Cudi Announces WZRD Album

Kid Cudi Announces WZRD Album
It's been well over a year since hip-hop smoothie Kid Cudi first announced his foray into the rock world with the then-titled Wizard project, which evolved into 2 Be Continuum, but the crossover project had been idling in the ether up until the musician announced their debut disc earlier this morning (November 18).

Cudi took to his Twitter account to drop some details on the new album, with news that the outfit, which also includes production partner Dot da Genius, have gone back to their original moniker, kind of. Dropping all vowels, the band will now be known as WZRD. He also announced that their album, which is thus far untitled, will drop on Cudi's birthday, January 30.

While we got a taste of WZRD's guitar jams via "Perfect Is the Word" back in the summer, the pair have been tweaking the record relentlessly to make it a proper bong-scoring set.

"Had to push it back to get the proper time to mix and master, want it to sonically be where it needs to be. For your smoke sesh enjoyment!" Cudi wrote. "Were gonna release a snippet of the first single soon. You will be pleased. Ladies, your gonna have something to shake those booties to."

Cudi went on to explain that the record will be strictly for the kids, as in there won't be any explicit language on the record, stating: "Also, the WZRD album does not contain any profanity or the usage of the word 'nigga.' A universal album for everyone."

Interestingly, this upset the Twitterverse, who apparently are bummed they won't be privy to some potty talk from our man Cud. Understandably, dude thinks that's dumb.

"Haha man some of yall really upset theres no profanity?? You know songs can be written with out them right?" he mocked. "Some of yall listen to so much ignorant shit that thats all you know or are accustomed to. My fans are smart, I know yall better then this."

Hopefully, Cudi, hopefully.

A label has yet to be properly attached to the WZRD album, but it's expected to drop courtesy of Kid Cudi's Wicked Awesome Records.

KiD CuDi & Dot Da Genius - Perfect Is The Word by Hypetrak