Kid 606 vs. Dälek Ruin It

The idea of Kid 606 collaborating with anyone is always an invitation for trouble. By choosing to work with hip-hop outfit Dälek, Miguel De Pedro has decided to take a legitimate direction in making and releasing music (or in other words, not disembowelling another artist's music), and clearing his collaborators from being his "partners in crime." This EP contains four versions of Kid 606's "Ruin It, Ruin Them, Ruin Yourself Then Ruin Me," a track originally released on his 2000 album, Down With The Scene. Included are two Kid remixes, as well as a Dälek remix, the original version and, exclusive to the CD format, two bonus tracks. The Dälek mix, the EP's obvious highlight, slips in smooth rhymes and pounding beats, transforming a once "glitch-friendly" piece of chaos into a sophisticated piece of avant-hip-hop. Everything else, as always, is uncivilised, just the way it should be. (Tigerbeat6)