Kevin Morby "Moonshiner"

Kevin Morby 'Moonshiner'
Earlier this year, former Woods player Kevin Morby announced his signing to Dead Oceans. We'll have to wait until 2016 until his first album for his new label, but to tide fans over, the Babies member is releasing a new 7-inch.

The single will be out on September 4, and the A-side is called "Moonshiner." It's a sprightly folk-rock tune in which Morby's nasal, Dylanesque signing is accompanied by a folksy arrangement that includes honky tonk piano, fiddle, twangy electric licks, and a harmonica-honking break. It sounds like Morby has been listening to a lot of classic '60s and '70s music like the Band and the Grateful Dead.

Morby explained the song with the following statement:

I wrote "Moonshiner" a few years ago after reading what has become one of my favourite contemporary books: The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt. The book was very inspiring to me at that time and it pulled a few different songs out of me — "Moonshiner" being the most directly influenced.

Take a listen below. "Moonshiner" comes backed by "Bridge to Gaia."