Kevin Drew & Chris Murphy, One Hundred Dollars, Dub FX, the Coppertone and Nick Storring Hit Exclaim! TV

Kevin Drew & Chris Murphy, One Hundred Dollars, Dub FX, the Coppertone and Nick Storring Hit Exclaim! TV
The Exclaim! TV crew are happy to bring you another set of exclusive performances and videos that have been compiled over the last few weeks. Check out the Exclaim! TV section for all the latest clips, but here's a recap of some of our newest videos.

Kicking it off, Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew tries to interview Chris Murphy of Sloan (pictured), but after an attempt to get the ball rolling, their conversation turns into a discussion of their younger days and even their mutual feelings about Kiss. Drew and Murphy went on to develop a somewhat more serious interview-style conversation, following Sloan's Hillside performance. Check in for the second instalment of their amiable interview, coming to Exclaim! TV in the near future.

Dub FX and Flower Fairy made a stop in Toronto to play the last show of their Canadian tour and had time to answer some questions for Exclaim! TV. Featured in two videos are performances of "Made" and "Run," as well as Dub FX and Flower Fairy's thoughts on Canada, mind-altering art and previous jobs before music became their full-time gig.

The Exclaim! backyard has been host to a number of live performances over the last few weeks. Toronto's country-influenced One Hundred Dollars were courteous enough to drop in and give the crew an exclusive performance of "Everybody Wins" from their Polaris Music Prize long-listed album, Songs of Man, and "The Digger," from their My Father's House seven-inch. Also performing in the backyard were the Coppertone, who gave us an inside look at their unreleased track "Stranger Things," as well as a performance of "I Know the Dead" from their Hymns for the Hollow EP. We also had the chance to interview the band's Amanda Zelina.

Lastly, Nick Storring performed an improvisational, electronic cello work on the Exclaim! upper deck.

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