Kevin Drew Addresses Torquil Campbell's Field Trip Rant: "He Was Protecting His Band"

Kevin Drew Addresses Torquil Campbell's Field Trip Rant: 'He Was Protecting His Band'
When Toronto's Arts & Crafts announced this year's lineup for its two-day Field Trip Music & Arts Festival last month, not everyone was pleased with the list of bands performing.

Torquil Campbell, lead singer of Broken Social Scene affiliate Stars, took to Twitter to express his frustrations in regards to his band being left off the bill, despite the inclusion of artists outside of the label's roster such as Interpol, the Kills, Chvrches, Washed Out and Half Moon Run. Amidst rumours that Stars were set to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their career-defining 2004 album, Set Yourself on Fire, Campbell was upset.

"Very disappointed we weren't asked to play SYOF at @FieldTrip this year," he wrote. "But I know how much Interpol have meant to the label, so I get it."

Now, Broken Social Scene frontman and Arts & Crafts co-founder Kevin Drew explains that everything has been smoothed over.

"Kids should really listen when I say it's miscommunication that becomes the cancer in your camp," Drew tells Exclaim! "Torquil is never going to change and I would never ask him to; I love him and he's fierce. He's passionate, and to me it would make sense for Stars to play."

Although Drew admits to having nothing to do with the planning of the festival, he rues that the miscommunication between camps led to a public blowout.

"There was a miscommunication, which always happens. Torquil going to a public forum to express his opinion is questionable, but at the same time, I don't really give a shit. I love the guy, he felt hurt by it and I got on the phone with him right away and said to him, 'Torq, I love you and I don't want you to be upset with me.'

"Stars are one of my favourite bands. I understand what Torq was doing, he was protecting his band, but in doing so he's hurting the people around him. But Torquil's one of my favourite people and when I heard about all the stuff, I got my back up for five minutes and then I remembered that it was Torquil. It's not our first time at the rodeo and like I said, I love Torq. The guy puts a smile on my face the size of a highway."

The two quickly put out any flames that were ignited from the Twitter rant and both agree that the notion of staying a close-knit family should be their priority, above any festival or show. As it stands, Stars will not be added to the Field Trip bill, but Drew maintains his love and respect for his fellow friends in Stars.

Drew also goes on to explain Broken Social Scene's decision to perform for a second year in a row, stating that last year's show reminded them all of the reason why they became a band in the first place. "After the show was done, everyone was so happy that it took everyone seven seconds to do it again."

Of the evolution of BSS, Drew says, "It was a joyous thing that became a business that became a corporation. You've got to remember why we started doing this in the first place and you've got to feel good in this band, that's the whole point."

When asked if the band would take the stage for a third year in a row (2015 marks the 10-year anniversary of Broken Social Scene's 2005 self-titled album), Drew laughs.

"Interesting, huh?" he says with a smirk. "That would make sense. This city means a lot to us and it played a key role in our success so as long as people want to see us, we'll be playing and there's something really magical about playing with those guys."

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As previously reported, Drew's Darlings solo album arrives via Arts & Crafts on March 18. He also has some Canadian tour dates lined up, and you can see those here.

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