Kevin Breit & Jesse Stewart Collisions

Although an unfortunate accident brought them together for Collisions, it was a fateful meeting point for collaborators Kevin Breit and Jesse Stewart, whose musical flourishes ricochet off of one another in the most intriguing ways. As part of the 2007 Guelph Jazz Festival, Stewart was meant to contribute his superb percussion skills to a duo performance with legendary installation artist, filmmaker and musician Michael Snow. On his way in from the Maritimes, Snow had a serious car accident that derailed his appearance, and so Stewart called upon awe-inspiring guitarist Breit to fill Snow's spot. The room was tense that night ― concern for Snow and his sudden absence permeated the proceedings ― until Stewart and Breit commenced their provocative set. Collisions documents their ingenious performance, which is aptly named. Clashing conversationally, the dynamic duo conjured many moods, more than satisfying the grateful audience. (C3R)