Kendrick Lamar Debuts New Song "Untitled 2" on 'The Tonight Show'

Kendrick Lamar Debuts New Song 'Untitled 2' on 'The Tonight Show'
Yesterday (January 7), we got another look at what's in store for Kendrick Lamar's upcoming appearance on Austin City Limits, but the rapper stole the television spotlight again last night with a performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.
For the performance portion of the show, Lamar dropped a brand new cut called "Untitled 2." Backed by a full live band, he effortlessly spits off thoughtful verse after verse in his trademark rapid-fire style. As the end of the song approaches, though, his relaxed delivery explodes into a burst of energetic animation.
The Compton rapper also joined Fallon for an interview, in which they discuss his impressive Grammy nominations and musical influences, then move on to chatting about videogames — including listening to a clip from an expertly mashed-up clip of Mario Kart and Lamar's "Swimming Pools (Drank)" dubbed "Kendrick LeMario Kart."

Watch his performance and a couple clips of the interview in the players below.