Kendrick Lamar "Alright" (video)

Kendrick Lamar 'Alright' (video)
Kendrick Lamar recently brought his track "Alright" to the BET Awards stage, and now it has become his latest To Pimp a Butterfly track to get it own video.

While the song is a fairly bright, uplifting number, the video begins on a dark note. We see images of police brutality and impoverished city life, and this is soundtracked by snippets from the track "u" along with a modified version of the poem from To Pimp a Butterfly. The mood picks up, however: after a brief passage of dancehall-flavoured music, "Alright" begins and we see Kendrick partying with his friends, tossing money around and flying through the streets. In one memorable scene, he raps while standing atop a traffic light.

Watch it below.