Keith Canisius This Time It's Our High

American-born Dane Keith Canisius has made a couple of albums where he's found a nice little niche wedged between the worlds of shoegazing and psychedelic electronic. His third album doesn't do much to change that. This Time It's Our High isn't short on ideas; Canisius doesn't hold back when it comes to the arrangements, adding layer upon layer until the resultant cacophony verges on overwhelming. Most of the time it works, but he doesn't do himself any favours by stretching out songs longer than they need to be. The best moments, such as the title track and "Gentle Guys," sound like Caribou during his Andorra period, and that's not a bad thing. The rest of the time, it's an exhausting record to listen to because there is so much going on. Sometimes less can be a whole lot more, even if Canisius hasn't received the memo yet. (Darla)