"Keep Left Ahead, and You'll Be Bona Fide": Snoop Dogg Voices GPS System

'Keep Left Ahead, and You'll Be Bona Fide': Snoop Dogg Voices GPS System
A group of us here at Exclaim! always used to joke about how cool it would be to have someone like Mr. T providing directions to GPS navigation systems. We jested about hearing, "I pity the fool who doesn't turn right."

Apparently, there was a fly on the wall. Getting celebrity voices for these systems has become big business, and while a competitive site actually already offers the wonderful mohawked-clad icon, the folks at Voice Skin have just added an equally stunning voice to their roster of direction-givers.

As NME reports, hip-hop artist/porn mogul and cannabis enthusiast Snoop Dogg has recorded his own skin for the TomTom GPS driving system.

Naturally, the rapper doesn't just give simple directions and driving instructions on the application. It wouldn't be Snoop Dogg if he didn't offer those little quips that have become vernacular for gangster wannabes around the world. One may also hear his witticisms added to the instructions. For example, "Keep left ahead, and you'll be bona fide" and "turn around when possible and keep it 'G,' ya d-i-g?"

Moreover, he's also recorded a "Points of Interest" file, in which he boasts about places he feels are of special significance and his favourite Los Angeles haunts.

Perhaps, the only thing cooler than this would be the voice of Don Rickles verbally shitting on you all the time. Can you imagine?

Check out Snoop Dogg's justification for this commercial endeavour: