​Katy Perry and Team Ordered to Pay $2.78 Million in "Dark Horse" Lawsuit

​Katy Perry and Team Ordered to Pay $2.78 Million in 'Dark Horse' Lawsuit
Katy Perry, her collaborators and her record label must pay up to the tune of $2.78 million USD for "Dark Horse" sharing elements of a tune by Christian rapper Flame.
He successfully argued that Perry's song ripped off his own earlier track "Joyful Noise." And although he isn't getting the $41 million USD his team originally demanded, Flame will be getting a seven-figure pay-day.
Perry herself will have to dole out $550,000 USD, while her record label Capitol will have to pay the majority of the remaining sum.
Perry reportedly personally made $2.4 million USD from the song, while the total gross was $41 million USD.
Perry's legal team argued that Flame was not entitled to all of the earnings of "Dark Horse," nor the amount made by the album it appears on divided by the number of songs. Rather, they argued that the reason the single was so successful was because of who recorded and released it.
"The reason why people buy a Katy Perry album, buy a Katy Perry song, is because it's Katy Perry," her attorney told the jurors [via The Associated Press]. "If you replaced her with an anonymous artist, do you really think it would sell as well?"
As previously reported, a jury ruled in favour of Flame and his team, after his legal team was able to prove that his song was popular enough that Perry and co. reasonably could have heard it prior to writing "Dark Horse."