Kasai Allstars Ready Congotronics Album 'Beware the Fetish'

Kasai Allstars Ready Congotronics Album 'Beware the Fetish'
At long last, Congolese supergroup Kasai Allstars are set to follow up their 2008 debut with a sophomore album.

The release is called Beware the Fetish and marks the fifth entry into Crammed Discs' ongoing Congotronics series. It was recorded by Vincent Kenis and is dedicated to vocalist Mbuyamba Nyunyi Elias, who recorded some vocals for the album before passing away in 2011.

According to the press release, "Beware the Fetish presents a broader scope of Kasai Allstars' music, probing deeper into the musicians' repertoires and styles, with the help of a large array of guests. The band use their trademark mixture of traditional instruments (slit & buzz drums, xylophones), electric guitars, and distorted thumb pianos with DIY amplification (such as the giant bass likembe which adorns the cover)."

Some of those guests include Kabongo, Muambuyi, Tshimanga, Mi Amor, Tandjolo, Grand Prêtre and the late Mbuyamba Nyunyi.

Crammed Discs will release Beware the Fetish on June 24 as a double-CD containing 12 tracks and over 100 minutes of music. It will also come as a single vinyl LP, which include six of the songs, a bonus exclusive track and a download of the entire CD version.

For now, album track "The Chief's Enthronement" has a music video that can be viewed below.

Beware the Fetish:

1. The Chief's Enthronement / Oyaye
2. Yangye, the Evil Leopard
3. Salute to Kalombo
4. Down and Out
5. He Who Makes Bush Fires for Others
6. As They Walked Into the Forest on a Sunday, They Encountered Apes Dressed As Humans
7. Thus Spoke the Ancestors
8. Beware the Fetish
9. A Good Husband
10. In Praise of Homeboys
11. The Dead Don't Dance
12. The Ploughman (Le Laboureur)