Karen O Hints at Taking Wild Things on Tour

Karen O Hints at Taking <i>Wild Things</i> on Tour
The last time we checked in on Yeah Yeah Yeahs front-woman and Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack ringleader Karen O, she got a Grammy nod thanks to the disqualification of tween pop monster Miley Cyrus. And while O may not be eligible to win a Best Original Score Oscar at this year's Academy Awards, this may not be the last we hear from Karen O and the Kids.

In a recent interview with Variety [via The Playlist], O said that she will work with this group again. "I definitely plan on working with some of the musicians I worked with in the future," she said of Karen O and the Kids, which included contribution from YYY collaborator Imaad Wasif, Deerhunter/Atlas Sound's Bradford Cox, Queens of the Stone Age's Dean Fertita and Liars' Aaron Hemphill, among others. "There's such great chemistry between us, and maybe there is kind of a strange or different version for the group that we assembled."

She also mentioned that Karen O and the Kids could soon do a Wild Things tour, calling it "something we kind of whisper about and talk about wanting to do and kind of aim it for families and kids." Perhaps they're just waiting for a few more 30-year-old hipster couples to procreate before they launch the tour.