Kanye's Big Week of Ups and Downs, "Weird Al" vs. Sony and 'Blood on the Tracks' the Movie in This Week's News Roundup

Kanye's Big Week of Ups and Downs, 'Weird Al' vs. Sony and 'Blood on the Tracks' the Movie in This Week's News Roundup
As we ease into this Easter weekend, here is our handy news roundup to help you make sense of it all. And as usual, there's a lot in store.

First off, like it or not, Kanye West dominated the news feed this week. First off, Yeezy was sued (again) over some uncleared samples, but he bounced back by announcing he and his G.O.O.D. Music crew would be dropping a little "Mercy" on us -- something that came a little earlier than expected. This news was quickly followed by another Kanye freebie, "Theraflu," which got some breast-adorned artwork but also some criticisms from the animal rights folks at PETA, as well as the drug manufactures themselves. So, yeah, that shit got a little cray.

Also this week, we had "Weird Al" launching a $5 million lawsuit against Sony, Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks getting a film treatment, Mary J. Blige getting a lot of heat over a now-pulled Burger King ad, and Marshall amps creator Jim Marshall passing away at 88.

Here in Canada, Neil Young revealed he's developing a high-quality alternative to the MP3, Mike O'Neill told us all about his new film project, a shooting shut down a Young Jeezy show in Toronto, and Sled Island and MUTEK expanded their lineups.

And if you missed it, the Juno winners were announced.

Oh, and apparently Jack White says he began recording his new solo album due to Wu-Tang's RZA standing dude up. Uh, weird.