Kanye West Says 'The Life of Pablo' Tour Is Happening in September

Kanye West Says 'The Life of Pablo' Tour Is Happening in September
From endless tinkering to unclear release plans, everything about Kanye West's rollout of The Life of Pablo has toed the line between inspired and disorganized. Similarly, we've been waiting for the artist to announce his tour for a while, and while details have yet to completely emerge the rapper and producer is still dropping hints.

Yeezy spoke with Steve Harvey, of all people, on his radio show earlier today (May 3). Speaking with the Family Feud host, the rapper explained that his tour is expected to launch in September.

"Oh, you know my tour game is strong," West said. "We gon' go out in September, I believe, and we're just working on some of the ideas right now."

As could be expected, Kanye's not just planning any old boring stadium tour. Instead, he's got some lofty ambitions. "I'm trying to literally inspire these kids the way Disney inspired me," he said. "The way, like when I first saw the original Star Wars."

Here's hoping his Star Wars ambitions don't cause any delays, because we'd love to see Kanye bring Pablo on tour this September.

Listen to Kanye's 20-minute interview with Steve Harvey below.