Kanye West Reveals Plans for 'Yeezus' Follow-Up, Talks 'Cruel Winter' and 'Watch the Throne 2'

Kanye West Reveals Plans for 'Yeezus' Follow-Up, Talks 'Cruel Winter' and 'Watch the Throne 2'
Kanye West delivered one of the year's most beloved records with Yeezus, and it looks as if fans won't have to wait too long for the follow-up, since the rapper has said that he's already begun work on his next studio album.

During an interview with Philadelphia's Power 99 radio station, Kanye was queried about the possibility of Yeezus 2 and he responded, "I haven't named my next album, but I have started on it."

He added that he's been assembling words and beats and said, "I'm constantly working."

He further explained, "I'd like to put out more product. I'd like to have another album out by next summer. I might go in the studio as soon as we leave here."

It's not exactly clear if this means a new solo album, however, since he also said that he may release a Cruel Winter compilation, as well as team up with Jay Z for Watch the Throne 2.

In regards to Cruel Winter, Kanye said, "I go back and forth on it, but we keep on missing the winter. That's the only problem."

As for Watch the Throne, he revealed that no new songs have been written. It seems that Kanye's main focus is an upcoming clothing line, which he described as "Ralph Lauren meets Steve Jobs meets Walt Disney meets David Stern meets every visionary throughout culture."

And as always, Kanye made some memorably megalomaniacal statements, including, "I am a Christian revolutionary visionary. I'm also a creative genius by default. That's my title more than musician, more than rapper," and "I went from being not able to get a record deal to becoming the most important musician of the past 10 years. Not arguable. Ask any other musician."

He also proved himself something of a modern-day Plato with this doozie of a philosophical quote: "Everything is nothing. Man, it's like the Matrix, man. Somebody built this building. Somebody could tear it down. People come into work. People got kids. People got bills. It's funny just how easily amused we are we are as a public, as a people, currently. And things that make us mad — we got this road rage, we got all this. And that's because we haven't had the opportunity to experience true joy."