Kanye West Renames "Theraflu" Single "Way Too Cold," Updates Artwork

Kanye West Renames 'Theraflu' Single 'Way Too Cold,' Updates Artwork
It's been just over a week since Kanye West dropped the "Theraflu" single, and he's got himself into all kinds of trouble. Not only did he draw the ire of PETA with his mention of wearing a mink, but he also upset drug manufacturer Theraflu, who released a statement to TMZ explaining that the company in no way endorses the track.

While there's no word of any lawsuit, Theraflu must have got its point across to Yeezy, as the rapper has decided to rename the song "Way Too Cold." In addition, the track's artwork has been updated to portray a plain white bottle instead of a bottle of Theraflu. Don't worry, pervs, the nipples are still in tact.

"Way Too Cold" is available on iTunes now, and can also be streamed over at Kanye's website.