Kanye West Points to Nietzsche in Attempts to Get Out of Legal Hot Water

Kanye West Points to Nietzsche in Attempts to Get Out of Legal Hot Water
Back in June 2010, rapper Vince P (aka Vincent Peters) accused Kanye West of using cribbed lyrics on his 2007 number "Stronger" and hit the famous rapper with a lawsuit. Yeezy has now fired back saying the credit should really be given to 19th century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a brief submitted by Ye's lawyers to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in the U.S. explains that the hook from "Stronger," while arguably similar to Vince P's track of the same name, is more derivative of Nietzsche's famous maxim "That which does not kill us makes us stronger."

According to West's legal team, considering the impact the saying has had on our collective conscious, giving credit to Peters would be ludicrous.

West's lawyer Carrie Hall wrote in a statement, "It would create a dangerously low threshold for establishing copyright protection over otherwise commonplace words and phrases."

While a U.S. federal judge dismissed Vince P's allegations, the rapper rebounded undeterred, bringing the case to the appeals court. Peters claims his track, which was crafted in 2006, was submitted to West's business manager, John Monopoly, thus making it believable that the tune was passed Ye's way.

You can check out the two versions of "Stronger" below and decide for yourself:

Vince P.'s "Stronger":

What don't kill me make me stronger.
The more I blow up the more you wrong-er.

You coped my CD you can feel my hunger.

The wait is over couldn't wait no longer.

Kanye West's "Stronger":

N-n-now th- that don't kill me can only make me stronger

I need you to hurry up now cause I can't wait much longer.

I know I got to be right now cause I can't get much stronger.

Man I've been waiting all night now that's how long I've been on you.