Kanye West Is Being the Worst Again

He announced collaborations with 6ix9ine and XXXTentacion, defended Louis C.K. and Alex Jones, and discussed flying cars — all while wearing a MAGA hat and a Colin Kaepernick sweater
Kanye West Is Being the Worst Again
Kanye West has outdone himself yet again. In what seems like an action-packed visit to the FADER offices this morning, West managed to generate controversy before he even opened his mouth.
He walked in wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat, which he explained had been customized with a new brim and "positive energy." Making things even weirder, he paired the Trump-approving hat with a Colin Kaepernick sweatshirt (you know, the guy who ruined the NFL for the U.S. president).
When the rapper did eventually open his mouth, the situation didn't improve. West shared new unfinished music from his upcoming album Yandhi, including features from the late XXXTentacion (who was previously accused of abusing his pregnant girlfriend) and 6ix9ine (who previously plead guilty to sexual misconduct with a child). The guest spots follow a recent social media statement in which West also defended A$AP Bari in the wake of sexual assault charges.
West didn't stop there, though. According to the FADER, he declared that he would have preferred for disgraced comedian Louis C.K. to be the host of Saturday Night Live during his upcoming appearance. Instead, Adam Driver is scheduled to host the season premiere on September 29.
West even went on to misquote stats about slavery and praise Donald Trump and Alex Jones as "matrix-breakers."
On a more positive note, the rapper mentioned meeting with Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel to develop a school and studio in the city, though if West gets his way, that school might be sitting next to a flying car factory.
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