Kanye West Forced To Take Anger Management Classes

Kanye West Forced To Take Anger Management Classes
Whether Kayne West is lashing out at Bonnaroo haters or throwing hissy fits at awards shows, the rapper’s rants attract nearly as much attention these days as his music. In fact, his public outbursts are getting so bad that they are now threatening to cut into his paydays — something that has reportedly led his handlers to enroll the "Louis Vuitton Don” into anger management classes.

According to reports by the Chicago Sun-Times and the UK’s Sun newspaper, the superstar MC will get therapy to calm his recent spells of erratic behaviour so he can secure some endorsement deals that are currently on the rocks. Apparently, both a major cosmetics/fragrance firm and an automotive manufacturer are interested in West as a spokesman but worried about "how easy he’ll be to work with,” a source told the Chicago Sun-Times.

"Kanye’s management team came up with the idea [for anger management classes],” another source told the Britain’s Sun. "His mood swings were beginning to play a part in his commercial enterprises, as people felt he was miserable all the time."

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that West’s rage is taking its toll on his personal relationships as well. "Not only has Kanye estranged himself from some pretty important people in the music business, but his temper has driven away a number of longtime friends,” a source said.

To refresh your memory on West’s outburts, here’s how he responded to those who criticised his long-delayed Bonnaroo performance:

"This is the most offended I've ever been... this is the maddest I ever will be. I'm typing so fucking hard I might break my fucking MacBook Air... Sometimes I go 2, 3 days w/o sleep working on my performance… I have to ice my knees after every show and they hurt when I walk through the airport… having an expensive stage cuts my payday in half.”

Considering that West continues to fill his blog with entries about booby girls and stuff you could never afford, we assume his MacBook is still in full working order.

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