Kanye West Copyright Infringement Case Dismissed

Kanye West Copyright Infringement Case Dismissed
From making seizure-inducing videos to writing outrageous twitter posts, Kanye West has got a bad rap over many things, but an Illinois judge has decided that one thing we can't call the hip-hopper out for is being a copy cat. The rapper has just been cleared of copyright infringement allegations.

Last summer, West was accused of plagiarizing Vincent Peters (aka Vince P), who filed suit over similarities between his song "Stronger" and Ye's track of the same name. The suit alleged that Peters submitted his number to an associate of West's in 2006, well before Yeezy released his 2007 hit. A case was made that West's track "copies significant and important parts of Peters's lyrics identically or almost identically."

A recent decision from Judge Virginia Kendall has decided otherwise. The judge dismissed the case last week, saying she did not believe the songs were not substantially similar enough.

Somewhere, the Black Eyed Peas are hoping they can have the same judge in their corner.

Thanks to Hip Hop DX for the tip.