Kanye West "Say You Will" (ft. Caroline Shaw) / "When I See It"

Kanye West 'Say You Will' (ft. Caroline Shaw) / 'When I See It'
Though it's looking like Kanye West's SWISH may take another year to hit our ears, the famous rapper has used his SoundCloud page to drop off a pair of tracks. To be fair, one is a revamp of an 808s & Heartbreak track and the other is a cover of a Weeknd song, but beggars can't be choosers, guys.

First up is the newly redone "Say You Will," which now features work from avant-garde composer Caroline Shaw. Though the electro-metronome pace and melody sticks to the script, as do West's AutoTuned croons, Shaw adds a crackling spoken word track in the background, while the choir sounds are explored even further.

"When I See It," meanwhile, is Kanye West's take on the Weeknd's Beauty Behind the Madness single "Tell Your Friends." It's still slathered in soul music-twisting samples, but this time we're treated to Lord Yeezus' toasty timbre waxing wild on the track.

You can check out both tracks below.