Kanye West "Black Bruce Wayne" (snippet)

Kanye West 'Black Bruce Wayne' (snippet)
These are exciting times for Kanye West fans, since the rapper has been working on a new album, and music is starting to make its way onto the internet. Following the recent "God Level," we've now got a half-minute-long snippet of a song called "Black Bruce Wayne."

Beginning with string samples, a beat enters in the final 10 seconds of this extract, with Yeezy rapping about screaming female fans as he throws a few French words into his rhymes. Hear it below.

We're not sure exactly where this song comes from, or if it or "God Level" will be included on Kanye's upcoming album. Rumour has it that someone paid $500 for this snippet of "Black Bruce Wayne." Whatever the case, we're bound to hear more new music soon enough.