Kankick From Artz Unknown

Sure, a lot of MCs that make appearances on Kankick's debut release, From Artz Unknown, may not be that interesting to begin with, but boring beats surely can't help the situation. Mistaking uninteresting for deeply emotional, Kankick creates an album of skippable instrumentals and vocal tracks. Skilled MCs like 2Mex, Phil the Agony and Dr Oop struggle to maintain some interest from the listeners but are up against steep odds. The most up-tempo of the beats is wasted on Planet Asia, Krondon, Phil the Agony and Montage One for "Don't Fight That," a track where only Phil the Agony really comes off. The Visionaries work with one of the better beats to create one of only two songs that really deserves repeated listens, "A Sight for Sore Eyes." The other is Declaime and Poppy's "Toast to the Boogie." However, it's hard to maintain interest in a song when the beat is just a simple loop with little or no variation throughout. Of the instrumentals, only "Kanstrumental 5 (Spiritual Dojo)" is worthwhile. Fans of Planet Asia, Declaime or the Lootpack may like this album, but I would only recommend this album if you really must have the Visionaries track. (Mean St.)