KaitO Band Red

Hailing from the regions of Norwich and Brighton in the UK, KaitO are the bastard offspring of the Fall, Kleenex and Liliput. With their second full-length album, Band Red, this wacky, spunky quartet, have embraced the trendy art rock sound at the right time. After a recent tour with their kindred spirits Yeah Yeah Yeahs, KaitO have delivered a strong companion to their peers’ uber-successful Fever To Tell. Though the hype may not be showering down on them, the underdog status the band has adopted leaves them primed to turn heads. Band Red is a much stronger, cleaner record than the previous You’ve Seen Us...You Must Have Seen Us. Containing an energy that could get some folks arrested in most areas of the world, lead singer Niki Colk bounces all over and around her fellow musicians’ spastic noise. The band don’t make the melodies so simple, hiding them until Colk squeezes them out through squeaks and shrieks, like on the insanely catchy "Driving Manual Auto” or the untamed "Try Me Out.” KaitO reintroduce the post-punk-funk scene with a much-needed dose of something that doesn’t sound like Gang of Four, and that means a lot. (Spinart)