Justin Bieber Pleads Guilty to Assault, Careless Driving

Justin Bieber Pleads Guilty to Assault, Careless Driving
In 2015, Justin Bieber has attempted to turn over a new leaf, but the bratty pop prince's troubled past continues to come back to haunt him. Most recently, the Biebs has pleaded guilty to assault and careless driving stemming from charges filed last summer.

The original incident occurred on August 29 of last year, when Bieber was involved in a collision between an ATV and a minivan in rural Ontario, near his hometown of Stratford. This led to a physical altercation between the driver of the ATV and an occupant of the van.

Bieber has been fined $750 for the careless driving charge. But although he pleaded guilty, this isn't all bad news; he has received an absolute discharge on the assault charge and the initial dangerous driving charge was dropped.

The accident was reportedly due to the presence of a paparazzo who followed the Biebs on his vacation with Selena Gomez.

Bieber has faced numerous legal issues in the last couple of years. He was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence, was charged with vandalism for throwing eggs at a neighbour's house, and a has faced couple of different assault charges. And while it wasn't a legal matter, there was also that whole issue of racial slurs.

Meanwhile, the fashion police are doubtless pressing charges over Bieber's ratty teenage moustache.