Justin Bieber "I'll Show You" (video)

Justin Bieber 'I'll Show You' (video)
Justin Bieber grabbed headlines last week when for storming off stage when fans wouldn't let him mop up some spilled water, but he's trying to win back the love of the screaming tweens and poptimists alike with a new clip for "I'll Show You."
The new clip features the Biebs roaming through what looks like Middle Earth, performing dangerous stunts like jumping from cliff to cliff in a knee-length skirt, lying in a river in his underwear, skateboarding down the middle of the road, skateboarding on an abandoned aircraft, rolling down the mossy hills and jumping through meadows while clicking his heels.
The track gets a co-writing credit from Skrillex and will appear on Bieber's much-anticipated next album Purpose, which is due out on November 13. Watch the clip for "I'll Show You" below.