Justice Admit to Using Uncleared Samples

Justice Admit to Using Uncleared Samples
In a perhaps legally ill-advised move, Justice have revealed their sampling secrets, saying their debut album contained hundreds of uncleared samples and some unlikely ones at that. In an interview with MTV, the d.a.n.c.e. duo confirmed what many have fans have long suspected: that † is indeed littered with source material lifted from other artists, including Queen, 50 Cent and, um, Slipknot.

"Say we use the 'In Da Club' hand clap — not even 50 Cent would notice," Justice’s Xavier de Rosnay told MTV. "But if you listen to 'Genesis,' the first track [on †], there are samples of Slipknot, Queen and 50 Cent, but they are such short samples no one can recognise them. The ones from Slipknot, for example, are just tiny bits of the voice."

De Rosnay went on to say that their goal is to keep the samples as undetectable as possible, adding that Justice used about 400 samples on † and that if they do take a big chunk of others’ work the duo does pay for it.

"Sometimes we do also use big samples," de Rosnay said. "On the album, we used three big samples that we had to clear, and all the rest are just impossible to recognize. We're using the very short samples to improve the sound, because we are just writing melodies on piano and then we are listing each note taken from other records, so we make a trade between those notes and the proper loops."

In the interview, de Rosnay also confirmed Justice are working on a new full-length, but said it may be a while before fans get a chance to hear it. "We're really slow at making music," he said.

And while a proper † follow-up may be a long ways off, Justice’s DVD/live album, A Cross the Universe, will now be hitting the shops on November 25 in North America, and no longer on December 9 as originally scheduled.

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